Pratical advices

Specific tips to preserve your woollens

To take care of your woolens and to preserve them, we advice you to look carefully at the label on your clothes in order to follow the washing tips.


Hand washable


Wash in lukewarm water with a soft detergent.

Don't wring your woollens.

Dry flat.


Machine washable


No pre-soaking.

Use wool cycle at 40°.

Reduced speed spin.

Dry flat.



Temperature at 150° is recommended.

Use damp cloth or steam.




Never use bleach to wash woollens.




How to remove dirts and stains ?

  • Act quickly.
  • Place a clean and absorbente tissu under your garment.
  • Never put warm water on a greasy stain.
  • In case of doubts, don't hesitate to ask a dyer specialist.
Butter / Grease / Oil / Sauce
Alcoholic beverages

Scrape with a spoon or a knife. Mop with a piece of soaked cotton with trichloroethylene and wash if it possible. You can also apply some wash liquid and pass to washing machine if possible.

Remove the most possible with an absorbent tissu.
Apply on stain a solution with water and 90°alcohol°.
MudWax of candle

Let it dry and brush.

Scrub with a solution of one tablespoon of amoniac for 1 liter of water.

Scrub softly to remove the most possible wax.

Iron by interposing a blotting paper between the iron and the garment.
Coffee / Tea
Mix alcohol and white vinegar.

Soak stain with this solution.

Soak-up gently.
Moisten the stain and dust with sodium bicarbonate. Then brush gently and rinse with warm water.
Car grease / Tarmac
Polish / Lipstick

Mop with a piece of soaked tissu with white spirit.

Finish with a piece of soaked cotton with trichloroethylene.

Mop with a piece of soaked tissu with Rectified Turpentine spirits.
Glue tube
Carpenters glue
Remove the maximum of glue.

Mop with a piece of tissu dip in acetone or solvent for nail polish.

Remove the maximum of glue.

Mop with a tissu dip une warm water.

Chewing gum

Water down with acetone or solvent.

Remove with a clean tissu.

Mop up.
Apply vinegar.
Rinse with cold water.
Fruit / Fruit Juice / Red wine

Mop with a mix of 3/4 of alcohol at 90° and 1/4 of water.

Wet the concerning zone with cold water. Then, apply some sugar. Let it act few minutes before to wash it in the machine.


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