Men's fleeces & sweatshirts

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Our range of fleeces, offering softness and warmth while remaining very light to wear, makes it a must-have item to protect yourself from the wind during walks by the sea or in the forest. Also find our Sweatshirts All'Océan, with or without hoods that will accompany you during your moments of relaxation.

Men's fleece: essential to avoid catching cold on deck!

Adopt our fleece jackets, soft, warm, comfortable and in contrasting colors, they will accompany you throughout the season and dress your style.The choice of men's fleece is therefore mainly based on the warmth that it can give you. to bring. It will nevertheless be interesting to take into account the presence of a zip, but also of the sleeves, for comfort and freedom of movement. You will find our selection of men's fleeces & sweatshirts, all tailored to accompany you on your nautical adventure!

The All'Océan softshell jacket will put you in the best conditions to enjoy your walks by the sea, in the city or in the countryside. Whatever the vagaries of the weather, you are guaranteed to stay dry!

Also find sailor shirts, sailor jumpers and down jackets for men.

Discover the All'Océan guide and its advice for wearing and maintaining your fleece.