Kid peacoats and jackets

Jackets, sailor canvas smock Kid

All'Océan offers you a range of classic jackets and smocks in canvas that take up traditional marine codes, while allowing themselves a few fantasies to please young and old alike. The cut, the colors, the accessories, everything is done to make your child feel good in their clothes !

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€40.00 - €50.00

Our collection of children's jackets

To accompany children on all their adventures, we have designed jackets that are both original and comfortable to protect them from the elements. Discover our selection!

A canvas jacket for the mid-season

From spring to autumn, the 100% cotton jacket will be ideal for covering your children on all their outings! Lightweight and comfortable, our jackets cut the wind without hampering your children's movements. Thanks to a water-repellent treatment, our canvas jackets also protect against the rain.

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