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All'Océan sailor beanies and caps are much more than just accessories. They represent a perfect fusion between contemporary style and maritime heritage. Designed for sea lovers and fashion enthusiasts, these headwear combine comfort, quality and timeless aesthetics. In this article, we invite you to dive into the world of All'Océan sailor caps and hats, discover their history, their unique characteristics, and how to integrate them into your wardrobe for a chic and modern sailor look. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a city dweller in search of style, All'Océan caps and hats are the must-have accessories of the season.

Rather Miki hat or cap ?

Miki vs casquette, lequel choisir ?

Would you be more team cap or team sailor beanie ? When it comes to choosing between the Miki sailor hat and cap, each accessory offers distinct benefits suited to different styles and needs. The Miki sailor hat, with its visorless design and perfect fit, is ideal for windy and cold days. Inspired by Breton traditions, it brings a touch of authenticity and character to your outfit while guaranteeing comfort and warmth. On the other hand, the cap offers effective protection against the sun and bad weather thanks to its visor, making it a practical choice for sunny or rainy days. The cap, often with a sportier aesthetic, is perfect for completing a casual and dynamic look. The two accessories, available at All'Océan, embody the maritime spirit with impeccable artisanal quality, allowing you to navigate between tradition and modernity according to your desires and needs.

Bonnet marin ou casquette, pourquoi choisir ?



Miki Vintage sailor hat :

  • Mixed sailor cap
  • 100% thick cotton
  • Oeko-Tex® certified
  • One size adjustable
  • Back closure with Velcro
  • All'Ocean Claw
  • Contrasting stitching inside
  • Customizable

Discover our other Miki accessories :

Vintage Baseball Cap :

  • Mixed cap
  • 100% cotton
  • Oeko-Tex® certified
  • One size adjustable
  • Metal adjustment tab
  • All'Ocean Claw
  • Contrasting stitching inside
  • Visor reinforcement piping
  • Customizable

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The story of the Miki sailor hat

The Miki sailor cap, often simply called “Miki”, has its origins in the Bretagne region of France, known for its rich maritime culture. Historically, this hat was worn by Breton fishermen who needed practical and functional headgear to face difficult conditions at sea. The unique design of the Miki hat, without visor and fitted, offered several specific advantages for sailors.


The practical origins of the Miki hat

The design of the Miki hat is closely linked to the needs of fishermen. At sea, visibility and hearing are crucial for safety. Unlike traditional hats on board, the Miki frees the ears and forehead, allowing fishermen to hear and see better, especially in low light or poor visibility situations. This feature made the Miki an indispensable tool for those who worked at sea. Over time, the Miki hat evolved from a simple utility accessory to a cultural symbol and fashion item. Its adoption by sailors gradually influenced coastal populations, and the Miki began to be worn by port workers and inhabitants of maritime regions. The sturdiness and simplicity of this hat have made it a popular choice.

With the rise of tourism and the growing fascination with regional cultures and their traditions, the Miki hat has been rediscovered by designers and fashion enthusiasts. Brands like All'ocean have played a crucial role in this renaissance, modernizing design while respecting its historical roots. The materials used, such as high quality merino wool and cotton, and artisan manufacturing methods, ensure that each Miki beanie retains the authenticity of its origins while meeting modern standards of comfort and style.

From work hat to fashion accessory

Today, the Miki hat goes beyond the borders of Brittany and even France. It has become a globally recognized fashion accessory, worn by celebrities, influencers and fashion enthusiasts. Its distinct appearance and rich history make it an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of character and authenticity to their wardrobe. The term "Miki" itself is intriguing. Although its exact origin is open to debate, some suggest that it may be derived from the Breton word "miki-mosquito", referring to the small size and tight fit of the cap which prevented insects from landing on the head of sailors.

What look should you adopt with a Miki sailor hat ?

The Miki All'ocean hat, with its unique design and Breton touch, is a versatile accessory that can be integrated harmoniously into various clothing styles. Here are some tips for wearing this iconic beanie and integrating it elegantly into your wardrobe.

Urban and modern look

For an urbanandmodern look, combine the Miki sailor hat classic with trendy and casual pieces. Wear it with a leather jacket or a parka like the Islander mixed parka in canvas, a graphic t-shirt like the TDM 4L Surf t-shirt and slim or ripped jeans. Complete your outfit with sneakers or boots. This look is perfect for a day on the town, a coffee with friends or even a concert. The Miki hat adds a touch of originality and boldness to your urban style.

Casual but elegant style

The Miki hat is ideal for a casual andcomfortable style. Pair it with a wool sweater (choose the Michel merino wool sweater for men and Sauzon for women) or cotton, jeans or cargo pants, and sports shoes or moccasins. This look is perfect for informal outings, outdoor walks or relaxing days. The Miki hat, thanks to its fitted cut, guarantees you optimal comfort while adding a stylish touch to your casual outfit. For a slightly more chic, elegant look, opt for a women's canvas jacket Malta or a vareuse lined in wadding Bisquine if you're missing a little heat.

Nautical marine look

For an authentic nautical look, take inspiration from Breton sailors by combining the Miki hat with a Lanvéoc national navy mixed sailor top, white or navy blue pants, and boat shoes or espadrilles. Add a canvas jacket or pea coat to complete your outfit. The perfect sailor look? A Vintage Miki sailor hat with a Vareuse Chaloupe Vintage, the unstoppable combo ! This style is ideal for a day at the seaside, a cruise or a summer outing. The Miki hat reinforces the maritime aspect of your outfit while protecting you from wind and bad weather.


How to wear the All'Océan cap ?

Adopting a trendy look with an All Ocean cap is easy and stylish. Here are some outfit ideas for different occasions. By choosing one of these looks, you will be able to fully enjoy the authenticity and charm of your vintage cotton baseball cap All Ocean, while remaining trendy and comfortable.


Casual, trendy look

To sport a trendy and casual look with a vintage “All Océan” cotton cap, opt for a style that combines comfort and elegance. Pair your cap with a linen blend t-shirt like the Guillemot t-shirt or in organic cotton like the TDM 1995 shirt. The ideal is to stay in neutral tones like white, beige or gray, to highlight one of our multiple colors of caps. For the bottom, slim jeans or denim shorts will match perfectly. If you are more into cargo or sailor pants, opt for our pants in Artimon II canvas or our shorts Winch II for sunny days. Complete your outfit with white sneakers or leather sandals for a summer touch. Adopt this style for an outing by the sea or a walk in town, and enjoy the authenticity and charm of your vintage “All Ocean” cotton cap.

100% marine look

Perfect for a day by the sea, wear your cap with a light sailor short-sleeved Transat and beige linen shorts. Add brown leather sandals and a navy rope bracelet to reinforce the nautical theme. A pair of round sunglasses will add a retro touch to your outfit. For a trip on a boat or to walk near a port in autumn or when the nights get cooler, choose a Velvet Baseball cap to complete your outfit with a Morgat sailor top for women or Bosco for men in organic cotton. 

Sporty and dynamic look

For a sporty look, nothing could be simpler! Pair your All Ocean cap with a light gray hoodie and black jogging pants. Complete with breathable mesh running sneakers and a stainless steel water bottle. This look is perfect for an outdoor workout or an active day. You go out ? All you have to do is put on our cotton Baseball cap and our Bisquine technical jacket and its sportswear look will protect you even on rainy days.

How to take care of your Miki sailor hat or cap ?

Cotton has always been a pleasant material, delicate to the touch and yet surprisingly easy to maintain. Durable, whether the cotton is organic or not, a well-maintained cotton garment can be kept for years. With its tight weave and faded appearance, our All'Océan sailor caps and hats are no exception to the rule. Our cotton caps and sailor hats are Oeko-Tex® certified. But then, how to maintain accessories in this material? 

A cap or a hat cannot be washed every day. But it is true that sometimes you have to part with them, reluctantly, to wash them. Dry washing is strongly recommended for the maintenance of the Miki hat or your cap. We do not recommend that you put your sailor hat or cap in the washing machine or dryer. Even though cotton normally holds up to this type of washing very well, you risk damaging the shape of your hat or cap. Prefer water at 30° maximum and very gentle spinning by hand. To ensure that your hat or cap maintains its perfectly rounded shape, it is recommended to place it on a hat head or similar shape when you are not wearing it and to air dry it. (otherwise you can always fold it in half). You can also pad it using tissue paper or fabric for example. Our Miki sailor hats and cotton caps are still flexible enough to retain their original shape.

Concerning the Miki sailor hats, when traveling or when you have to take it off, fold it in half and keep it in your pocket for example (that's how sailors did, in the inside pocket of a canvas smock vareuse !). The little extra? Use an adhesive brush to remove small lint or dust that may cling to the material. 

Personalize your cap or sailor hat !

Whether you are a professional, an individual, an association, a community, we can personalize our sailor caps and hats as you wish. Personalizing the Miki sailor hat or a cap, particularly through embroidery, offers a unique and creative way to bring out your personal style while respecting the maritime heritage of this iconic accessory. Embroidering a Miki hat or cap allows you to add a personal touch that reflects your tastes and your identity. Whether it's your initials, a meaningful symbol, or an artistic motif, embroidery transforms your beanie into a unique piece.

An ideal gift

A personalized Miki hat also makes a perfect gift. Is he or she more of a hat? No problem. Giving a hat or cap embroidered with the person's name or initials, or a design that is dear to them, shows special attention and attention to detail. It is a gift that combines utility and meaning, ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or milestone events.

Strengthen your brand identity

For businesses, personalizing Miki hats or caps can reinforce brand identity. Adding the embroidered company logo or name to the beanie makes it a great promotional item or distinctive uniform for employees. This combines the quality and authenticity of the Miki beanie with the company's brand image, creating a lasting impact.

So, which personalized headwear will you opt for ?


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