Maintenance tips


Cotton, wool, linen: each fiber requires different maintenance. Here you will find some maintenance tips that will allow you to enjoy your All'Océan clothes for a long time.

Strictly observe the maintenance instructions. They give you an indication of temperature and appropriate wash cycle in relation to the composition and colors of the items to be washed.

The label sewn into your garment tells you if it should be washed or if it should be cleaned. You will also find the meaning of the various textile care symbols a little further down on this same page.

General maintenance tips

It is advisable to wash your items inside out to preserve pilling, bleaching and buffing. This protects the screen prints, accessories (buttons, beads) from mechanical attack.

Do not abuse the detergent, if you overdose it attacks the colors and fibers. Pay attention to the weight of the laundry in your drum as well as the hardness of the water in your area.

In order to preserve all the original properties of the garment, we strongly recommend that you follow the maintenance instructions on the composition sticker present on each of the All’Océan items.

For articles in pigment dye, a bath in white vinegar is strongly recommended to fix the color.

Dry the marinières and knitted garments flat to prevent them from relaxing.

Warning ! It is strongly recommended not to wear light clothing under a garment dyed in pigment dye

In case of stains, do not rub locally but apply a stain remover before washing.
Do not dry clothes in full sun, you risk damaging them.
Sort your laundry by color.
Wash your new clothes before wearing them.
Avoid using fabric softener when washing.
Empty pockets and close zippers

These maintenance tips and instructions are translated into symbols

you invite us to comply.


Do not wash with water
Hand washing
Normal washing at 30 ° C maximum
Normal washing at 40 ° C maximum


Not suitable for bleach
All types of laundering authorized
Oxygenated products


No drying allowed in tumble dryer
Machine drying allowed - Moderate temperature
Drying allowed in machine - Normal temperature


Ironing prohibited
Low temperature (110 ° C): Acrylic - Nylon - Acetate
Average temperature (150 ° C): Polyester blend / Wool
High temperature (200 ° C): Cotton - Linen


Professional interview with the chemical solvent perchlorethylene
Delicate professional cleaning with perchlorethylene chemical solvent
Professional interview with a hydrocarbon solvent
Delicate professional cleaning with a hydrocarbon solvent
Professional wet cleaning possible
Professional delicate wet cleaning possible
Very delicate professional wet cleaning possible

Advice by subject

100% MERINO wool

- No pre-soaking
- Hand or machine wash with suitable program
- Temperature 30 ° C maximum
- Drum drying prohibited
- Dry flat and in the shade without machine spin
- Delicate ironing temperature 110 ° C
- Steam prohibited to avoid damaging the garment
- Professional dry cleaning with hydrocarbons
- Delicate cycle
- Adapted detergent

Wool is fragile, do not wash it with chlorine-based products.
If you prefer to wash your wool by hand in water at 30 ° C maximum.
Rub gently and rinse with lukewarm water at 30 ° C with a little fabric softener then one last time in cold water.


- Hand wash in cold water
- Do not bleach
- Natural flat drying
- Iron with soft iron
- Dry cleaning


- Wash delicate cottons by hand with a mild detergent and lukewarm water
- Dry on a towel or on a washing line
- Dryer not recommended


- Temperature 30 ° C maximum
- Tumble dry not recommended
- No bleaching
- Iron at average temperature 150 ° C maximum
- Dry cleaning allowed
- Supporte les lavages répétés en machine


- Wash at 30 ° C maximum
- No bleaching
- No dryer
- Iron at 150 ° C maximum
- Dry cleaning allowed


- Wash at 30 ° C maximum
- No bleaching 
- No dryer
- Iron at 150 ° C maximum
- Dry cleaning allowed

In case of stains do not rub locally apply a stain remover before washing.
It is recommended not to wear light clothing under a garment in pigment dye.
Before washing, apply a bath of white vinegar to fix the color.

100% LINEN

- Natural material
- Wash at 30 ° C
- Gentle spin at 400 turns maximum
- tumble dryer prohibited
- Sun drying prohibited

Detach before washing. Wash at 40 ° maximum to preserve colors.
For white linen, wash with a chlorine-free detergent and with bleaching agent.


- Wash at 30 ° C maximum
- Normal program
- No bleaching
- Iron at medium temperature (150 ° C)
- Dry cleaning allowed
- No dryer

Do not wear light clothing under a dyed garment.
To check if the garment may wash out place a white cloth under the damp garment and iron with a hot iron. If the garment has rubbed off on both sides, it should be washed by hand separately in warm soapy water.

Never leave a wet detergent in a pile to avoid dyeing between them.


- Wash at 30 ° C maximum
- Normal program
No ironing
- Dry cleaning allowed
No dryer


- Empty pockets and close closures
- Wash at 30 ° C maximum
- Softest possible spin
- Mop between two towels
- Tumble dry several times
No fabric softener

Put drying balls in your dryer, they reduce the drying time by 20% and your laundry is more bulky. This helps to loosen the flakes of down which reform in the tubes of the down jacket.

Repeat the operation several times so that the puffer jacket regains its bulk.


- Wash at 30°C maximum
- Normal program
No bleaching
No ironing
- Dry cleaning allowed
No dryer
No fabric softener

An update on laundry

You will find the right detergent for each of your textiles. For this, refer to the instructions for use written on each package or bottle.

Classic detergent: effective for detaching and bleaching
Color detergent: preserves your colors
Special black detergent: keeps your dark colors
Delicate laundry detergent: protects delicate fibers (wool, silk)

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