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Our range of fleeces, offering softness and warmth while remaining very light to wear, makes it a must-have item to protect yourself from the wind during walks by the sea or in the forest. Also find our Sweatshirts All'Océan, with or without hoods that will accompany you during your moments of relaxation.

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Sweat rayé Val André Sweat rayé Val André
Val André striped sweatshirt

unisex fit, organic cotton

Price €29.95 - €59.90
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The men's fleece jacket: the practical piece to wear in winter

The cold is here and what could be more comforting than being able to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm? Nothing inviting to go outside when you're cold, right?

Our men's fleece ensures comfort and softness and great ease of movement. Its fleece fabric is ideal for protecting against the cold and partly provides a windproof function.

Our Blizzard model will seduce you with its straight cut and tightening cords at the bottom. Practical with its 2 front pockets, closed with a zip to secure your items, your jacket will accompany you this winter on all your walks by the sea, along our beautiful Breton coasts, while protecting you from the wind and temperatures. fresh.

For your weekend outings as a couple during your outdoor activities, this model is also available as a women's fleece jacket. Our LAPONIE model will seduce you with its fitted cut and its drawstrings at the bottom. During your hikes or all your outdoor activities, your women's fleece will make you look great thanks to the many color choices.

The enveloping and breathable material of the men's and women's fleece jacket will be a precious asset during your sports activities. Fleece is a resistant material and promises you many years of acquisition. We all have a favorite fleece jacket that has seen countless hikes, sea trips and outdoor activities. And it's not about to stop ...

A little cautious? Choose a fleece jacket for men or women and you will always be safe from that unfortunate thrill that could spoil your ride. We are sure you are convinced of the practicality of fleece.

Choosing an All'Océan fleece means being sure to find quality sportswear. What if you made your other half or someone dear to you happy by giving them a man or woman fleece? A gift that will touch her since she will no longer be able to do without her fleece jacket!

The sobriety of the fleece jacket for men and women

Whether you're a perfect hiker or a fan of the sofa on Sunday, there is nothing more comforting than being able to wrap yourself in softness in a fleece jacket. The composition of a men's fleece is a tailor-made ally to ensure comfort and protection.

How about adopting a casual look with style? Pairing your fleece jacket with jeans and a sailor top gives a sober look to a resolutely fashionable outfit. Equipped with a zipper, the men's fleece jacket is casual, worn as a sweatshirt ... and if the temperatures drop, team it with a pretty sailor sweater, the perfect duo to warm up your outfit!

You will see that your fleece jacket will never leave you ...

Gentlemen, a chilly evening outdoors? You will inevitably have thought of taking your men's fleece jacket ... it will warm you up in no time to enjoy all the good moments of relaxation.

And for you ladies, choosing your women's fleece will be even more difficult because there are so many different colors. Women's fleece jackets are cinched at the waist to sublimate you while maintaining great ease of movement. You will undoubtedly adopt your fleece in your daily life.

An improvised stroll, an outing on the coast with friends, and you will inevitably think of putting on your jacket. The great thing about a woman's fleece is that it will fit into your wardrobe very easily.

Whatever activity you plan to do, the fleece jacket is ideal as a complement to a pretty sailor sweater paired with jeans or a skirt. And since good deals are shared, it won't hurt to make all your friends want to wear a pretty All Océan women's fleece jacket.

The men's hooded sweatshirt, the essential

Whatever the situation, whatever the season, the sweatshirt will remain the garment for all occasions!

It can be worn casually with jeans and a striped T-shirt and more sophisticated with dress pants and sneakers!

We also recognize such a practical side with its pockets and hood that you never want to take it off. All Océan knows this well and offers you a wide range of models of men's hooded sweatshirts or men's sweatshirts without a hood.

Ideal when the rain starts to show up, the men's hoodie protects you while ensuring a strong and urban style. Our Cabestan zipped sweatshirt, sweatshirt version without a hood, can be worn like a sweater with the added sportwear side.

At All Océan, you can find plain men's sweatshirts for a sober look and if the desire to not be indifferent inspires you, then you can fall for the Val André model. This men's hooded sweatshirt will be perfect for a walk by the sea with its sailor-look stripes.

The men's sweatshirt is meant to be mixed! Nothing better than being able to borrow a men's sweatshirt for you ladies on a chilly night out and always look stylish.