All'Ocean, the mesh of the ocean

This is where it all begins…

Plougasnou, a small town located near the bay of Morlaix in Finistère, is where the story of the brand begins. 

A chat with girlfriends, a friend who makes sweaters for her family and Patricia who appreciates the quality of her work launches the idea of ??selling door-to-door. 

She presents some knitted sweaters by hand to many relationships and acquaintances. The concept pleases and the activity starts.

Soon the plan to sell on a larger scale made its way. In 1993, during the summer season, 

Jean-Marc and Patricia began to market sweaters made in central Brittany (in the Monts d'Arrée) in the markets of southern Morbihan by sharing the tours, and this, 7 days out of 7 . 

The ALL'OCÉAN adventure was born

Once the season is over, they develop their network and crisscross France in the shopping malls of major hypermarkets, Reims to Dijon through many other cities. 

Quickly the desire to make improvements to the existing models but also to propose new colors, new forms, made its way to thus create their signature: 

the mark ALL'OCÉAN, which is born in July 1995 and is placed in true equation between mesh and tradition and offering its own collections.

The company evolves rapidly, Jean-Marc and Patricia decide to spread their collections on a larger scale by being present at many European boat shows, 

especially in France, Spain, Germany but also in Belgium ... Forging a reputation and being made a name.

Known and recognized for the quality of the raw materials used and the particular care given to the finishing of each of its models, 

the label knows a real craze and is quickly solicited by many resellers wishing to market the ALL'OCÉAN mesh collections.

Cape on La Trinité sur Mer

Tight in their premises and aware of the dynamism of southern Brittany and especially of La Trinité-sur-Mer, home port of many famous sailors,

Jean-Marc and Patricia FEAT decide to leave Finistère and make the choice to build more spacious premises in the Kermarquer Business Park.

These new buildings allow them to present a very wide range of products for women, men and children without forgetting a whole range of associated accessories. 

A direct sales boutique welcomes even the loyal customers of the brand who like this line of clothes that look like them, comfortable and accessible at reasonable prices. 

The first from a long series

At the beginning of 2004, ALL'OCÉAN opens its first shop on the Port of Crouesty (in Morbihan) and, in the years that follow, 

will not stop opening new points of sale and thus establish itself in the landscape of the shops of marine clothes present 

in the most beautiful seaside resorts of Brittany and even in Normandy with the shop of Trouville-sur-Mer.

From mesh to canvas

In 2008, to complete its range of sweaters, marinières and other knitted products, the company bought the mark Trophée du Matelot, 

specialized in the world of the canvas. Trousers, bermudas, tunics, softshells, jackets, jackets, peacoats and other coats are all novelties 

that come to expand the proposed collections that continues to make new followers.

From classic to personalization

With the enthusiasm for the brand ALL'OCÉAN and relayed by the very positive feedback from their customers, 

Jean-Marc and Patricia were quickly solicited by professionals of the trades of sailing, oyster farming, 

food trades but also by communities, artisans, associations, clubs and other event organizers to personalize 

their work clothes and other media conveying their image to their customers or members.

They decide to acquire a first embroidery machine as well as a transfer press to be able to satisfy the different requests of their customers. 

Indeed, what better than a tunic embellished with its embroidered logo or a marinière for the service, personalized in the colors of the restaurants of the seaside.

A service very appreciated by customers

In 2014, the machine park dedicated to personalization is expanding and takes place in the premises initially dedicated to the direct sale of ALL'OCÉAN products. 

The following year, the company invested in new equipment to meet all requests for marking, textile sublimation, printing stickers, adhesives, tarpaulins, photo fabrics, etc.

Creation of the BREIZHCOM entity

In early 2019, ALL'OCÉAN's personalization service becomes BREIZHCOM! The premises do not change, the interlocutors either! 

Simply the creation of the entity BREIZHCOM to make more readable the two complementary activities. 

ALL'OCÉAN for the creation and marketing of ready-to-wear collections of marine clothing and BREIZHCOM for the personalization of textile products and multiple supports. 


at your service

Whether formulated in one of the 4 shops (Port Crouesty, Morgat, Perros-Guirec, Pléneuf-Val-André), by phone or on the various social networks 

(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...) on which ALL OCEAN is present, customer feedback is very valuable and is constantly involved in improving the products 

and services that are offered to you, but also to the channels of their distribution.

Resolutely looking to the future

And among all the returns, more and more recurring, many of them converged on a project, and not least, namely the opening of an online store, to find ALL'OCÉAN products , 

beyond the perimeter of the 5 stores already present.

Today, Patricia and Jean-Marc are happy to welcome you to this new online store, which wants to be simple, reliable and refined, like the brand ALL'OCÉAN, 

and which will not stop being improved to offer you the best of receptions.

Essential models, news, promotions, loyalty program, gift cards, newsletter are all possibilities to find on this new e-shop.

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