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Traditional All'Océan sweatshirts, combining the warmth of a 100% merino wool with vests, lighter, zipped, with or without pocket, through our more urban references, available in round neck or 'V' neck ', find all of our knitted products with incomparable finishes.

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The origin of the sailor sweater

In its classic version with three buttons near the collar, the sailor sweater takes its origin from Breton fishermen before joining our wardrobes. Now a real fashion accessory, it gives your feminine outfits a touch of elegance!

Feminine and relaxed

The sailor sweater fits all silhouettes: its more or less fine stripes highlight your shapes to always be elegant. For a classic sailor look, opt for the round neck or the button placket with three pearly buttons. For more originality, the V-neck elegantly clears the chest. You can also choose a fine knit sweater with two-tone stripes to stand out from traditional striped sweaters!

Choose the quality of All’Océan sailor jumpers

We are committed to ensuring that the materials used for our clothes as well as the care taken in their manufacture are irreproachable.

Merino wool for your comfort

Our sweaters are made from merino wool, which has many advantages:

  • - It is a very soft, supple wool that does not itch: it will be suitable for the most sensitive skin.
  • - It is thermoregulating: your sweater will maintain the heat without making you sweat.
  • - Finally, merino is an antibacterial wool and therefore does not retain odors.

You will understand, each woman has her own sailor sweater: and you, what will be yours?

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