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Who said that being fashionable meant constantly renewing your wardrobe? Because yes, fashion changes all the time, but here at All Ocean we are certain of one thing: timelessness is the best value!

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Cap Coz sailor sweater

Sailor sweater - 100% organic cotton

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The natural difference of merino wool in a Breton sailor jumper

Did you know that merino wool acts as a real heat shield? 

Merino sheep (mainly from Australia) are known to withstand the worst temperature differences between summer and winter. 

This natural material is as soft as it is robust and will give you a delightful feeling of well-being. It regulates and insulates, keeping you warm without making you sweat. 

At All'Ocean, we have chosen to offer you this women's merino wool jumper to bring you all the comfort you need during your seaside escapades.

And because merino wool is much finer (about three times finer) than traditional wool, our merino marine jumpers do not sting. Sensitive skin will be delighted! 

Imagine the softness of this merino wool in our marine jumpers. Enough to make you want to stay in winter all year round, right?

Opting for a women's merino jumper is the promise of combining lightness and comfort.

At All Ocean we understand that this noble material should be available for the whole family. Rejoice because there are women's navy jumpers! 

Enough to make the whole family want to proudly wear their wool jumper and for the little sailors to look like a real Breton sailor.