Sweaters and sailor jumpers for men

Sweaters, sailor jumpers Man

From the traditional All'Océan sweaters and sailor sweaters, combining the warmth of 100% merino wool with a sailor design with iconic stripes, to our more urban references, available in round neck or "V" neck, find the set of our knitted products with incomparable finishes.

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Cap Coz sailor sweater

Sailor sweater - 100% organic cotton

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sweater - Organic cotton

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Discover our collection of men's sweaters and sailor sweaters: modern, comfortable and elegant sweaters to accompany you on all occasions!

A sailor sweater for an authentic look

With its button placket on the left shoulder and its elegant stripes, our Stérec sailor sweater is a classic to have in your wardrobe. In pure wool, it will keep you warm while being comfortable. The plus: ribbing at the bottom of the sleeves for a fitted finish and optimal comfort!

A merino sweater to combine elegance and comfort

We offer sweaters in pure merino wool: light and warm at the same time, they give you an elegant look while being very comfortable to wear.

Round neck, V-neck or high trucker collar with button placket: vary the styles according to your desires!

The so natural difference of merino wool in a Breton sailor sweater

Did you know that merino wool acts as a real heat-regulating shield?

Merino sheep (mostly native to Australia) are known to face the worst temperature swings between summer and winter.

This natural material, as soft as it is robust, will give you a delicious feeling of well-being. Regulating and insulating, it will allow you to stay warm without making you sweat.

At All'Ocean, we have chosen to offer you this women's sailor sweater in merino wool to provide you with all the comfort you need during your getaways by the sea.

And because merino wool is much finer (about three times finer) than traditional wool, our merino sailor sweaters don't itch. Sensitive skin will be satisfied !

Imagine the fluffiness and softness of this merino wool in our sailor sweaters. What make you want to stay all year round in winter, right ?

Choosing a women's merino sweater promises to combine lightness and comfort.

At All Ocean we have understood that this noble material should be available for the whole family. Rejoice since there are sailor sweaters forwoman!

Enough to make the whole family want to proudly wear their wool sweater and the little sailors to look like a real Breton sailor.