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Sailor shirt, Breton shirt Kid

Like the adult models, All'Océan has developed a whole range of sailors and polos child, which will equip our little mosses and sinners grass in good weather. Available in many colors, with long or short sleeves, buttoned or not, they will be perfectly matched to a line of accessories sporting the same colors.

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Coton Bio
Crevette Crevette
Coton Bio
Transat MC Kids Transat MC Kids
  • New colors !
Crevette Babord Tribord Crevette Babord Tribord
Ba-Tri Shrimp Sailor

made from thick organic cotton

Price €30.00
Coton Bio
Marinière Ketch Kids Marinière Ketch Kids
Salor top Ketch Kids

high collar, organic cotton

Price €29.00
Crevette Coeur Crevette Coeur
Crevette Coeur

mixed, organic cotton, heart elbow pads

Price €30.00
Coton Bio
Marinière Transat Kids Marinière Transat Kids
Sailor top Transat Kids

Marinière enfant rayures bicolores

Price €25.00

White / Cobalt sailor suit + Navy capri pants

Price €37.50
  • Pack

A sailor t-shirt for your child

For sailors, we offer a wide selection of sailor tops! Timeless, the famous striped T-shirt looks just as good on girls as it does on boys.

For a nautical style, we take all the features of the traditional garment: button placket on the shoulder, round neckline, long sleeves and blue and white stripes.

For a more original variation, play with colors! Our Shrimp model features red, curacao, coral, plum or jade stripes to reflect the joie de vivre of your darlings!

An ideal garment for all occasions

For family walks, a day at school or a restaurant outing, the children's striped sweater fits all occasions.

With sneakers and jeans, it offers a casual look. For a more elegant look, wear it with a blazer or dress shoes!

All’Océan polo shirts and stripes

For toddlers and adults alike, our stripes and polo shirts are available in several sizes, from 1 year old to 14 years old depending on the model. In 100% cotton jersey, we offer clothing that is both comfortable and respectful of sensitive skin.

Discover our collection of marine clothing for children!

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