Traditional sailor look : how to wear the sailor canvas jacket ?

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Look marin : Que porter avec une vareuse ?

Having always been part of Breton culture, the smoçck jacket, initially work clothing for marine worlds, has gradually become a fashion outfit for high-end French bourgeoisie then the star of Parisian thrift stores. Now far from its small original Breton home port, the smock jacket is worn by professionals but also individuals, whether they are city dwellers or in the countryside. Discover its many qualities that make it charming. Whether you are a sailing enthusiast, or a boater, you will definitely adopt it!

The canvas smock, a historic piece of marine clothing

Formerly made from boat sails, the smock jacket was used at the time as work clothing for Breton sailors and other nautical-related professions. Breton fishermen, national navy, all have adopted this smock canvas jacket in 100% cotton Canvas. For what ? Because it has always been thought out and designed in an ingenious way. The smock jacket was made with the aim of limiting any risk of snagging in the slightest rope on the boats. The large pockets of the smock canvas canvas jackets are hidden inside and its single button is also oriented towards the inside to avoid getting caught in nets or ropes.

Originally, this typical work blouse was designed so that it would last for many years and protect its wearer from bad weather. Today, the jacket benefits from a water-repellent treatment, but in the past, it was thanks to the cod liver oil-based coating that it became waterproof, we'll let you imagine the smell... :) Little dictionary point: the name of the word “Vareuse” comes from the word “Varer” which meant shelter.

Previously a way to recycle boat sails, nothing is lost – everything is transformed while making work clothes at a lower cost, the smock jacket is now appreciated by the general public. Totally eco-friendly and eco-responsible! Today, the smock jacket is not only intended for professions that are close or distant to the sea. Jackets are used in many other professions: in restaurants, in hotels , in construction, or even sport!


The technical aspects of the smock canvas jacket

The smock canvas jacket may seem simple, but it is full of ingenuity: A split collar with button on the inside, large pockets also on the inside to protect your personal belongings, but not only that! In order not to fall or sag, the collar is reinforced. On the seam side, for greater resistance, they are topstitched. And of course it has a water-repellent treatment to protect you from bad weather.


Details on the Chaloupe mixed jacket:

  • Mixed Breton canvas smock
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Water-repellent treatment
  • Oeko-Tex® certified
  • Traditional straight cut
  • Split collar canvas smock with interior button
  • 2 interior patch chest pockets
  • Ease slits on each side of the waist
  • All'Océan logo embroidered on the back

In summary, the All'Océan canvas smock is:

  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • Resistant
  • It keeps you warm
  • Adapts to all looks
  • Features sparkling colors

Why are jackets made of cotton ?

Cotton has several properties allowing this raw material to resist bad weather, sea air and salt water. With its very tight weave and its ability to cut the wind, it was obvious to choose this material to create veils and subsequently, blouses. Cotton also helps keep heat, with movement it even provides some, which made it possible to avoid freezing when sailors worked on the deck for example. Our canvas jacket is of course Oeko-Tex® certified.

How to maintain the cotton of a smock canvas jacket ?

Who says color also means risk of bleeding, unfortunately you can never obtain a sparkling color without taking this risk. We always advise you to wash your smock jacket by hand, alone in a bin. It is possible that it will fade over time, giving it this little aged and faded appearance which gives it its charm. If you don't want to use your hands, you can opt for the machine, but be careful it is important to turn your canvasjacket inside out and expose the inside side. For the temperature, prefer 30° maximum and very gentle spinning. If you want to let your smock jacket dry in the open air, hang it on a hanger and let it slowly drain in a room or outside. Tumble drying is not recommended so as not to deform the canvas. For ironing, it should also not exceed 150°.


The smock canvas jacket, a classic of marine fashion

Do you love nautical looks that combine both authentic and modern ? Then the pea coat is the smock canvas jacket you need. First of all, allow us to introduce our two models of smock : the model authentic Chaloupe in solid colors and the model Vintage Chaloupe in faded colors giving that aged look that is so popular.

For a total canvas look ? Adopt the Artimon pants en mid-season or the short Winch in washed canvas for summer. Of course, don't forget to slip on a Brest sailor top or Bosco for greater comfort, both in organic cotton. As headwear, All'Océan offers you a classic : the Miki sailor hat in vintage washed canvas (which goes very well with the Vintage Chaloupe vareuse as you can see in the photo). Do you want to have a look that's a little more streetwear or casual? In this case, just wear regular jeans and a Vintage Baseball Cap to recall the little canvas side.

When it comes to colors, you have plenty of choice. The vareuse Chaloupe Vintage is currently available in three classic colors that will suit each of your looks. For the authentic Chaloupe vareuse , a slightly more colorful world awaits you, the opportunity to wear bright colors that will brighten up cloudy and gray days. In the past, the color of the smock canvas jackets sometimes represented a profession or a city and its port. Whether you are a fisherman, an oyster farmer or whether you come from St Malo or Brest, everyone was proud to wear their colors. And you, what color do you want to wear?


How to have a feminine look with a smock canvas jacket ?

Remember this,our peacoats are unisex.The traditional cut, rather straight and fluid, of the peacoats allows you to give free rein to your imagination when it comes to looks. The advantage is that it suits any body shape. Available from XS to 3XL, however, we advise you to take one size smaller than your usual size ladies because it is a mixed product.

The peacoat, although it can be unsettling at first glance for its totally nautical look, can in fact be worn with everything. Simple jeans and sneakers or a much more feminine outfit like over a dress. Don't hesitate to assemble asleeve sailor top¾ like the Crouesty in 100% organic cotton with a little black skirt in cotton, whether pencil or skater. The colors of the All'Océan Vareuses allow you to adopt any style in any circumstance. Moreover, if you want to match a colored sailor top to the smock canvas jacket, you can choose the Amure long-sleeved sailor top and its plain location. If you are cold, the smock jacket is a fairly wide cut, you can easily wear a littlenautical sweater like the Fréhel or more classic like our Salicorne sweater in wool blend.

Accessories are also a strength of femininity: why not wear a scarf around your neck? At All'Océan, we have a whole range of colorful scarves like the Abélia scarf in linen and floral patterns or the Cosmos scarf in linen and cotton which has wide ecru/navy bands for a more classic style. In short, whether you're strolling along cobbled streets or along the sea, you'll definitely have a look that's out of the ordinary and for which you'll be noticed.



The smock canvas jacket is also for children !

Looking for a smock jacket for your daredevil toddler? The mareuse smock jacket is the smock canvas jacket you need. Little dirty, waterproof and above all resistant, the canvas jacket is the ideal ally for your children's daily life. With it they will be able to walk, have fun in the sand or even in the forest.

At All’Océan we have thought about the practicality of the smock jacket. Indeed, the traditional smock jacket and generally for adults, is put on from the top, again at the base for safety reasons. But we know very well that it can sometimes be difficult to put clothes on children who sometimes have sensitive heads (we remember the struggle to put on bodysuits...). This is why we decided to make peacoat-type smock canvas jackets for children but with closures. With our middle closure, there's no reason not to want to wear it.

Of course, only the closure and the location of the pockets change. The Mareuse for children also has the same advantages as our classic smock jackets. Available from 2 years to 12 years and in several vibrant colors, the Mareuse is also comfortable, water-repellent, robust and always Oeko-Tex® certified. Two little extras: the hood which helps protect your little one's head but also a small pocket on the side of the left sleeve so he can store his treasures. The Mareuse will accompany your child on a daily basis in each of his adventures!

For a complete little sailor look, you can have your child wear a Clams organic cotton shorts for boys or Vernis for girl or a Corsaire mixed pants in the same material. A little cabin boy cannot dress in a sailor outfit without adopting a sailor top: the essential Crevette sailor top in organic cotton is available from 3 months to 14 years but above all in several colors, enough to find your favorite!


Personalize our smock canvas jackets according to your desires

Choose to have your smock canvas jacket personalized in our embroidery workshop in La Trinité-sur-Mer near Vannes, Auray and Lorient in Morbihan (56). Our workshop produces high quality and resistant embroidery, like our smock canvas jackets. We can also do flocking on cotton canvas. We practice decreasing prices depending on the quantities.





Professionals, you are a company in construction, catering, hotels, or a fishmonger ? You may be a sports team, in boating or a community and you want personalized work outfits and blouses ? Our workshop in Morbihan near Vannes will be delighted to personalize our clothes to your request and your image. The smock canvas jacket is available in several models (Authentic Chaloupe, Vintage Chaloupe) and has colors that can be worn every day and in many professions. Why not personalize yours with a logo, a phrase or a nautical symbol and make it a work outfit? You do not go unnoticed.


Individuals, you can stand out by personalizing your smock canvas jacket. With customization within our workshop by the sea, you will have the little touch that makes the difference. Individually, why not have a typical Breton little lobster embroidered or even your nickname? The canvas jacket, ideal and quality gift is the perfect opportunity to send a message to the person to whom you are going to give it. Personalized gifts are often recognized as more thoughtful and therefore more appreciated, why not combine business with pleasure by offering a comfortable and waterproof smock jacket to your loved one or your team?

The smock jacket, a timeless sailor’s clothes

With all the advantages presented above, how can you not fall for a smock canvas jacket ? The most difficult choice will certainly be the choice of model or color. For a moreretro, vintage side, opt for the Chaloupe Vintage and one of these 3 timeless colors. If you are more the type to adopt a colorful style, the many colors of the authentic Chaloupe smock jacket will not leave you indifferent. Once again, choosing a peacoat means falling for a traditional and durable marine clothing. The peacoat is a piece that you keep indefinitely in your wardrobe, notably thanks to its look which may seem classic but which in reality goes with all styles, but above all because they are consistent and resistant.

So, which smock jacket is your choice ?

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