Child sailor look - Feet in the water ...

Because children have adventurous lives, for 25 years we have been creating children's clothing to meet all situations. Resistant and pleasant clothes, comfortable and easy to put on. The perfect beach look for your children!

Armed with a landing net and barefoot on the beach, our children have lots of adventures! Whether playing in the water or on the sand, all of their hectic adventures require quality children's marine clothing..

Quality, comfort and style, the hallmarks of the brand

Quality fabrics and fit, our children's sailor dresses are designed to last a long time and without making any concessions to comfort or style.

Maéva- Sleeveless children's sailor dress

Marine- Children's sailor dress with short sleeves

Mareuse Kids- Girl's & boy's canvas sailor jacket

And that's it, right now it's holidays ftime or the children! On the beach & idleness program for parents but for children? Seaside holidays are synonymous with sandcastle, long chases, treasure hunts or periwinkles ... Enough to get dirty and easily wear out your clothes ... At All'Océan, our children's outfits are so that your children can make the most of these precious moments! Even if it means getting your kid striped shirt dirty! This is why we carefully select our materials so that they are both comfortable and robust! And of course easy to clean!